TclDB database abstraction layer and DB GUI

TclDB is a database abstraction layer for Tcl. It serves as a general engine on top of which database driven applications can be written. It is divided into several parts, most of which can work independantly, but are designed to work as a whole product.

TclDB consists of a database abstraction layer. It is split into database-specific schemas, which describe database-specific functionality - like auto incremented columns, trigger possibilities and types of various columns. Another part handles different database APIs - so it is possible to use same information on MySQL database and use it over ODBC, mysqltcl or tcl-sql database API.

TclDB also serves as a limited database model manager (see sample screenshot). It will be automatically updated as the model changes and the data will get migrated when a new version of the model is loaded.

Other part of database access API is TclDB query support (it can also use model for datatype and other information) which allows storing SQL queries separately from Tcl code. It also allows using different queries for different database models, which eases application porting.

TclDB also has a part responsible for building database driven GUI applications using Tk (2006-04: with Tile support on the way).

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