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Software developed by Data Quest and Wojciech Kocjan

Welcome to DQsoftware project!

This project hosts various libraries and applications that have been created by DataQuest software company and have been released as Open Source for Tcl and Open Source community to use.

The following projects can be found on this page:

TclDB TclDB is a database abstraction layer for Tcl. It serves as a general engine on top of which database driven applications can be written. It is divided into several parts, most of which can work independantly, but are designed to work as a whole product.

Tclcron Tclcron is a package that allows scheduling commands to be run at specific times or intervals. It uses Tcl's very powerful clock command as a basic of most operations and hides most of the internals from the developer. It uses Tcl's event loop so can be easily integrated with most applications.

Audit Auditing library was created in order to allow more detailed logging. One of the major features is ability to log not only text, but contents of variables or additional information.

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